Coconut crusted Cod and Cajun Cod with Pancetta

We a bought a 1 pound cod fillet at Wholefoods yesterday and prepared it two ways.  My husband went savory and spicy with his cajun rub and pancetta and I went sweet tropical with my coconut cod.  Unfortunately it is January in New York, so I went able to find a ripe organic mango to make the mango salsa, but that would be a perfect match for this fish.

Coconut crusted Cod:

Cod fillets sliced into 6-8 ounce pieces

Coconut flour- enough to coat the fish

1/2- 1 teaspoon powdered ginger

1/2- 1 teaspoon salt

1-2 eggs  (you can also use coconut milk, but I prefer egg for binder)

coconut flakes- enough to coat fish.

coconut oil- enough to coat bottom of skillet

Line up three shall dishes to prepare fish.  In first mix flour, ginger and salt.  In second beat eggs.  In third, coconut flakes.  Coat each piece of fish with flour, dip in eggs and then coat with coconut flakes.  Turn on skillet, add coconut oil.  Make sure skillet is hot before adding fish.  3-4 minutes on each side depending on thickness of fish.

coconut codCoconut crusted cod with steamed bok choy

Cajun spice rubbed Cod with pancetta:

Cod fillets sliced into 6-8 ounce pieces

Cajun rub


Herb PancettaHerb Pancetta before cooking.  Unfortunately I forgot to write down the brand name.  It was made with all natural ingredients (no preservatives) and was purchased at Wholefoods.

Dice Pancetta and cook in skillet to desired crispiness.  Coat Cod fillets with cajun spice.  Remove pancetta from skillet and add cajun coated cod to skillet with pancetta grease.  Cook cod 4 minutes on each side, less if thinner fillet.   Place cod on plate and top with cooked pancetta.

Cajun CodCajun Cod with herb Pancetta



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