Week day lunches

I love coming home to make lunch, so much that I will ride the subway to and from just to eat a home cooked meal.  This week we did two batches of  Organic Chicken Bone Broth in our new Instant Pot.

instant potI like to heat it up on the stove and toss any fresh greens I have in the fridge right in.  Or sometimes I sauté the greens first then add the broth.  chix beet greensThese are beet greens. This week I have also been reading up on balancing my Omega 6 and Omega 3 ratio.  I love nuts and eat a lot of them.  So I have to balance my Omega 6 intake with seafood.  This week I made fresh sardines and sautéed shrimp.  I haven’t perfected the recipe yet, but when I do I will post it.

shrimp and sardines

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