Competing in the Crossfit open

This year my husband and I decided to register with our Crossfit box to compete in the Crossfit open. This is a competition that happens globally every year. Athletes from around the world participate in five works outs. The top qualifying athletes get to compete in the Crossfit games. We registered last year but only 7 months into Crossfit, neither one of us was able to complete any of the 5 prescribed workouts. This year was a different story. We could do all 5 of the workouts! We could participate a competition with Rich Froning and Sam Briggs, winners of last years Crossfit Games. We could limp around after our workouts knowing that thousands of athletes around the world were feeling the same pain we were!! It was invigorating. A few days ago a client was asking me how to find my blog. I tried googling myself. My blog didn’t pop up but my Open scores did! Woo hoo! I am a crossfit athlete, it has been validated by GOOGLE. In addition we have finally converted our first meer mortal into a Crossfitter. My sister-in-law has joined a box in Vienna. Congrats Wendy welcome to the cult. 3, 2, 1, GO!


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