Trip home

I grew up in Hawaii.  We lived in a relatively small A frame house in Ka’a’awa.  There were 6 kids and two adults between three bedrooms.  Ka’a’awa is a small town, a group of houses really, along a stretch of the two lane highway that runs around Oahu.  There is a post office, two restaurants and a 7-eleven.  Very Rural, isolated and a whole lot of nothing going on.  I now live in Manhattan which is possibly the polar opposite of Ka’a’awa, at least in the US.  This winter New Yorkers have trekked through around 16 snowstorms.  It has been the snowiest winter in my 12 years of living here.  So when I heard about Wanderlust Hawaii I started stalking the airfares to Hawaii.  Last week I decided to hop a plane to attend Wanderlust (I got a great deal!).  It has been, as it always is for me, a wonderful trip home.  I love Hawaii, and when I am not here I yearn for it.  Today I woke up and ran my mom’s dog Lily on the beach in Ka’a’awa.  Then headed into Kailua to try to get my Crossfit open workout in.  The box in Kailua was closed, so I  ended up busing it to Honolulu, crossfit Oahu.

image View from “da bus” from the Pali Highway, Kailua to Honolulu.

Watch my attempt at 14.1 here.  That is what crossfit looks like after doing yoga all weekend.  After my workout I started walking to Ala Moana and happened upon Highway Inn‘s new location in Kaka’ako.  I bought a plate and ate it at Ala Moana Beach park.

Highway Inn plate

Then I took “Da bus” back out to Ka’a’awa (1.5 hours one way) just like I did everyday 6th grade-12th grade.  It was all part of the journey that brought me to today, and I am grateful for the journey.

imageView from “da bus” again this time of Kaneohe Bay.

Got off the bus at Swanzy beach park with just enough daylight to take my nephew and Lily for our nightly beach walk.  It was a great day.

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