Recovering from 175 push ups

Okay, I did 175 push ups on Saturday and on Sunday I was feeling it.  How did I recover?  I stretched my pecs and worked my upper back muscles.  The opposite group that I worked in the push ups.  I also had a headache.  Part of my headache was allergy related and the other was probably not holding my head up through all of those darn push ups.  In other words: bad form!  At least for part of the push ups, the second half most likely when I was in muscle failure.

I used a skinny (light weight) pull-up band to strengthen the muscles between my shoulder blades.  The muscles that pull my shoulder blades towards my spine.


band pull Keep your wrists neutral like my left wrist.  I am not stabilizing my right wrist enough and it is being pulled by the band.

I also did a bunch of bent over reverse flies without weight….like 5 sets of 50.  This was a stretch for my pecs and shoulders.  Also it worked the posterior shoulder and upper back.  I wanted to pull my body out of the front body (chest and shoulder) tightness that I had created with all the push ups.




Doing the reverse flies like this also helped pull my head back into alignment. I felt much better after doing these!

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