What I’ve been eating lately



As I sit here selecting these photos of my meals over the past week I’m getting hungry!  I really enjoy cooking food at home and always feel best when I am able to make my meals fresh with ingredients I trust.

IMG_5417Organic free range Chicken bone broth Sauteed organic baby kale and fresh, wild caught cajun shrimp.


IMG_5392Moment of weakness!  Although I did prepare this “cheat” comfort meal of gnocchi at home the ingredients were purchased while starving after a long day.  Would have been better to plan ahead and avoid a belly full of pasta…I do crave pasta occasionally but I usually regret it.


IMG_5446Yum o!  Organic baby kale sautéed in Nutiva cold pressed organic coconut oil, with a fried egg and wild caught smoked salmon.



IMG_5445 Organic kale and avocado salad with sautéed ramps and cajun shrimp.


IMG_5433Organic grassfed beef shank in the instant pot, organic cauliflower rice and steamed organic bok choy.


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