Best homemade mayo recipe and getting enough seafood in your diet

I’ve been making mayo for the last 2 years and this mayo recipe and video were the best I’ve tried so far.  I’ve made mayo with it 3 times and the batches were always perfect.

This is what I used to make my tuna pasta salad.  Yes tuna pasta salad.  The pasta salad was leftover from our Easter dinner.  We made a ham in our Instant pot Hawaiian style (Kalua pig) and I had to have some mac salad with the pork.  It was onolicious.

The next day I added some tuna to my left over pasta salad and had the lunch pictured below.


I have been trying to add more seafood into my meat heavy Paleo routine.  Although I usually grab a piece of prepared salmon from Wholefoods while I am out and about, their prepared Salmon is farmed and prepared in Canola oil.  Also I want variety…so I am trying out various canned fish.


I used this Wild Planet canned Tuna which my husband found and I had been saving for a day that I would need protein.  It was pretty good tasting, high in Omega 3′s and a good option for seafood if you aren’t able to make it to the market.  Wild Planet can linings are BPA free but also just found their product in a jar today.  It is a little pricy.  4.5 ozs for $5.69 at Wholefoods in Manhattan on 57th Street.

  Wild Planet tunacan infotuna jar

Le Pain Quotidian had some delicious canned sardines on the menu last spring.


I’ve just bought some  Crown prince sardines at Wholefoods but they are also available on Amazon.  Another blogger also recommend Crown Prince canned oysters which are available at Trader Joe’s.  Less mercury is found in smaller, cold water fish and shellfish.  If you can handle it…fermented cod liver oil  I haven’t been able to even buy the stuff yet but I definitely prefer to eat food sources over taking supplements.  If you aren’t into eating seafood try a flavored fermented cod liver oil to get your Omega 3s & Vitamins A and D.  The brands that people tend to recommend are Oslo, Green Pastures and Carlsons.


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