Fire Island


Fire Island

I discovered Fire Island about 10 years ago when I was relatively new to New York and looking for places to enjoy the great outdoors during the summer months.  I found a club that offered organized trips for kayaking, canoeing and hiking.  The problem I kept having was that I didn’t have a car, a canoe or a kayak, a requirement for most of their trips.  Finally a trip came up that was on Fire Island.  It was a weekend of kayaking including a stay in a cabin and meals were included.  I arrived around sunset and it looked like the picture above.  I have been going back ever since.  After learning to sail on the great south bay, I now volunteer for the Appalachian Mountain Club as a sailing instructor.  I also teach Pilates one weekend a summer.  I am trying to create an SUP program out there.  The Great South Bay is is perfect for SUP.

IMG_5782 IMG_5841 IMG_5792Some SUP yoga and practicing my pivot turns

My friend Cheryl Malter taught some amazing Iyengar classes out at the cabin this weekend and in between yoga my husband and I played on the SUP.  I rented a board in Ocean Beach from Ocean Beach Surf and Sport.  I used a Bic, available here.



It was a vegetarian yoga weekend…but you know we Paleos don’t play that!  We schlepped all of our food out to the cabin and grilled it up.  There were a few comments from the other guests, mostly can I have some, please?


We made a delicious kale salad from the garden and breakfast was hamburger scramble with eggs, berries and leftovers.

There are a lot of things I like about staying at the cabin.  It is an easy walk to the ocean or the bay.  There are two hot water outdoor showers.  There are a bunch of water sports vessels (kayaks, Canoes, sailboats and hopefully SUP soon!) available for members.  There are no cars on Fire Island.  It feels like summer camp, including the bunk beds.   For a weekend escape from NYC including food (healthy but not Paleo), beer and wine, it is well worth the expense and the schlepp!

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