Journal of Gratefulness

A year of gratefulness

I’m using this page to post something I am grateful for everyday.  Inspired by Book of Awesome and 365 Grateful.  Also today (Jan13) I re listened to the Ted Talk about Positive Psychology by Shawn Achor.  He gives these tips for creating lasting positive change: record 3 Gratitudes daily, write in a Journal, Exercise, meditate and preform random acts of Kindness.

Jan 4, 2014:  Grateful for my olympic (oly) weightlifting shoes and my gymnastic gloves.  They helped me get through half of the hero WOD “Hammer”.  This was5 rounds of: 5 power cleans, 10 front squats, 5 push jerks (thus the oly shoes) and 20 pull-ups (the gloves).  I completed this workout in 28 minutes and did all of my pull-ups unassisted kipping style.  I used a 63 lb barbell.



Jan 5:  Sunday after yesterdays hero WOD, I am sore and lazy.  It is also pretty cold and icy outside after this weekends snow storm so I don’t feel like doing much.  Since I enrolled in IIN nutrition class I have been studying different diet styles.  Most recently vegetarianism, veganism and Joe Cross the filmmaker behind Fat Sick and Nearly Dead were all in our course work.  This was the inspiration behind getting our Breville Juicer out of the cupboard and making a energizing (high glycemic index) green juice.

7-8 organic Lacinato Kale leaves

2 inches of organic ginger

1 organic green apple

2 stalks organic celery

1 organic cucumber

I needed a blast of energy to do my chores and make dinner.



Jan 6:  Today I was grateful that I didn’t have to wear a winter coat!  Hi of 50 degrees is definitely something to celebrate in NYC in January.  This is what I normally look like between november and april.  I took this winter selfie to send to my sister Sarah in Hawaii after she complained about 59 degrees being cold.


It was wonderful to have a break from all this gear!

Jan 7:  Grateful for a scheduling mistake.. Gave me time to clean my house (and stay indoors most of the day!), work out and make something new for dinner.  Pork chops with fennel, parsley and cherry tomatoes finished with lemon zest and capers yum!



Jan 8:  Grateful for the MTA today.  Got me to all of my appointments on time with minimal aggravation.  However I am looking forward to higher than 20 degree weather tomorrow to get back on a bike.

Jan 9:  Suffering from GI inflammation, nausea and cramps (aka tummy ache) all day today.  So today I’m grateful for matzo ball soup.  Especially grateful to be one block away form the second avenue deli and their comforting matzo ball soup.


Jan 10:  Grateful for my 10 – 5 break today, and naps.   Very grateful for naps.  They work well for belly aches.

Jan 11:  Grateful for my inspiring friend Ruschelle who invited me to a forum on being fit, fierce and feminine.  grateful for being able to have lunch and have some girl time!

Jan 12: Grateful for dim sum & hot and sour soup at Redfarm even if my tummy wasn’t ready for it!

Jan13: Grateful for a new doctor who is not afraid to say it like it is.  I like that quality in people!  No beating around the bush for this gal.

Jan 14:  Thankful I stayed up late making a double batch of bone broth!  Got to enjoy it all day long today.  I added some dandelion greens to my lunch bowl.  These greens are a little too bitter for me to eat any other way.


Jan 15:  Sometime last fall I started working with this client.  He is high on my grateful list because he shows up, ready to work hard, is polite and respectful and does everything I say!  He was also very active for most of his life so he has retained a lot of muscle memory.  Here we are stretching his tight hip flexors, abs and chest.  He spends too many hours sitting.  I’m glad I can get him moving a few hours a week.


Jan 16:  Grateful that I have been doing Crossfit for a year and a half!  I was able to hit a personal record in todays workout.  I did a 120 pull-ups.  I beat my previous record by 20.  This is a pic of me doing an l-sit hang.  It was taken on my birthday in 2012, two months after starting crossfit.

l sit hang


Jan 17:  Grateful for another client today.  I have worked with him for seven and a half years!  When we started working together he was in a lot of pain from his herniated disc and now he is strong and symptom free.  He and his wife have referred a new client to me who started this week.  Thank you!

Jan 18:  Thankful today that I live two blocks from the east river where I can take my high energy dog for runs.  Daisy behaves better and is much calmer when she is exercised…similar to her owner.

Jan 19:  Thankful for three day weekends!  Made this Sunday extra relaxing.  Perfect day for a bistro burger at the Corner Bistro.

Jan 20:  Thankful that I can eat what I am craving for my cheat meal:  Fish and chips!  Available not far from our apartment at Molly’s on 3rd avenue.  It is a cool old school pub with saw dust on the floor and the fish and chips are delicious.  Topped my meal off with a pint.  Don’t feel guilty at all.

Jan 21:  Snow day!  Lots of time for cooking at home today.  Thankful for my wonderful client who suggested he come to me and work out in my building gym tonight!  Yay I don’t have to travel in the snow.

Jan 22:Grateful for the bone broth in the fridge.  Allowed me to warm my bones on this 8 degree day!  Added the veggies we had to it, delicious vegetable soup.

vegetable soup

Jan 23:  Thankful for my Lowa snow boots!  It is cold (high of 18 degrees today) and snowy here and with out these warm boots with great traction I would be slipping and sliding all over the place.

Jan 24:  Grateful for the pool for meditating lap swim under the setting sun, a 103 degree hot tub, sauna and steam rooms.  Helps me warm up after too many days of winter vortex.

Jan 25:  Grateful for fellow students Paula and Adriana who came out in the snow storm to study and discuss nutrition.  Thank you ladies!

Jan 26:  Grateful for warming soup dumplings at Redfarm…help me get over my 1-2-many tequila saturday night.  :)

Jan 27: It continues to way below freezing here in NYC so limiting my time outside has been the strategy.  Today I am thankful for a lunch break between clients on the upper west side and the crosstown bus that takes me to Le Pain Quotidian (& back) for some detox salad (on seasonal menu) and butternut squash soup.  LPQ detox salad

Jan 28:  Today Im thankful for no snow, and the return of my morning clients who have been on hiatus for 2 months.  Also grateful for muscle memory which made their return much less painful…for all :)

Jan 29:  It seems that I need a reason to wake up early, and by reason I mean someone has to pay me…literally.   So today I am grateful for a new morning client who is incentivizing my “wake up early” goal.  Thank you.

Jan 30:  It is cold here and that is making me very grumpy.  It also makes me crave sugar.  So today I am grateful for the Treat truck that was parked outside of my 4 pm clients building.  I am grateful for the sugary treat I purchased and the little mode boost it delivered.  Sometimes, despite all I know about sugar, I have to live dangerously.

Jan 31:  Grateful for Ally at Eva Scrivo.  My monthly facial is a time that I get to relax, and sometimes take a nap.  The cold and salt in NYC do a number to my (aging!) skin.  During the last wo sessions she has done micro current for the muscles of my face.  An electric current stimulates the muscles of my face, exercising them.  The technology was developed for people with facial paralysis & it can no be used by people with vanity!  I have noticed a difference and since starting I have been asked for my ID twice!!  Woo hoo.  I am way beyond ID age.

Feb 1:  Thankful that another winter month is over!!!  Also thankful for Paleocon and all the interesting presenters that I get to listen to today.

Feb 2:  Grateful for another food centric Super Bowl Sunday with friends.  Cuz we all know the game wasn’t anything to be thankful for.  Oh and it was a beautiful snow free 50 winter day.  February was off to a great start!

Feb 3:  Okay, I had to dig deep today to find something to be grateful for.  Winter blues are in full affect and stomping around through the snow all day is not helping.  I am grateful for the snow in trees, and glimpses of winter wonderland NYC today.

Snow in trees snow covered Bamboo

When I walked by these bamboo stalks two days later they were snow free and happy as can be.  Very resilient.  The bending branch breaks.   

Feb 4:  Grateful for resilience again today.  A client of mine who had been in the hospital and not exercising for a month came back to her regular Tuesday session today.  She is committed to staying strong, active and healthy for the rest of her life.  I am grateful that she chooses to work with me and for the inspiration she gives me.

Feb 5:  Grateful for the second snow storm of the week!  Gave me a reason to cancel my 7:30 am appointment and sleep in another hour.

Feb 6:  Grateful for the Wholefoods at Columbus circle that keeps me fed most weekdays.  Can’t believe they are celebrating their 10 year birthday.  Time flies.

Feb 7:  Grateful for a little fast of home here in the big city.  My high school alumni association brought the annual Punahou carnival to NYC tonight.  We were able to enjoy some portuguese bean soup and malasadas (portuguese-hawaiian version of fried dough).  Also happy to see two classmates and meet their husbands.PAANY carnival

Feb 8:  Tonight was the AMC thank you dinner for all the volunteers.  I’m grateful that I was able to attend as I have missed the last two years.  This year we said goodbye and celebrated Captain Michael Miller.  He taught me to sail out on Fire Island when I moved to New York 13 years ago.  I am grateful for that and all he has done for the FIC sailing program.

Me and Cap MillerphotoThe first pic is me and Michael. The second is me pretending to be Michael out on Fire Island.  Ha!

Feb 9:  Grateful for the 13 years of companionship my dear cat Miss Kitty gave me.  She was a good mouser back in the day in Brooklyn, a great snuggler and an all around good cat.  RIP Miss Kitty.

ms kittyIMG_0639

Feb 10:  Grateful to pool with windows facing west at sunset.  If I closed my eyes I could almost imagine I was somewhere tropical.  Almost.

Feb 11: Another day of afternoon swimming in the setting sun, followed by sauna and a steam.  The only way to survive February snow storms.  Also Grateful for another interesting Tuesday night brainstorming phone call with some inspirational ladies.

Feb 12:  Grateful for the two clients I saw today and all the free time left over to do everything else.

Feb 13:  Another snow storm…grateful that my first two clients cancelled and I didn’t have to go out until it stopped snowing and raining.

Feb 14:  Grateful for my sweet husband and his cute gift to me, pink crystal heart earrings.  Happy Valentines day!

Feb 15:  Grateful it is Saturday.  Sometimes that is enough.

Feb 16:  I have been stalking the flights to Hawaii for Wanderlust Hawaii. prices are very good…grateful for day dreaming of Hawaii in February.

Feb 17: Grateful for a kind a generous friend who has referred 4 billable hours of work to me a week this month.  Thank you Trish!  Good things are coming your way, karma.

Feb 18:  Grateful for the time to return to a beloved yoga class.  I didn’t not schedule well but it was still totally worth every minute I was there.  I am ale grateful for the reminder that I need to manage my time better.

Feb 19:  Grateful for another new client, referred from another friend who I am grateful for.  Sherry not only referred this client to me, but she also introduced me to the beloved yoga class from Tuesday many years ago.  Good things are coming your way too Sherry!

Feb 20:  I am no spring chicken and yet my husband and I have decided to try and get pregnant.  For me, this involves a fertility doctor.  It also involves being totally depressed once a month when it doesn’t happen.  So today I am thankful for temperatures in the 40′s, dark chocolate with candied ginger and Window JaneKentucky Bourbon Whiskey.

Feb 21:  Thankful for Hawaiian Airlines lowering their rates and my amex points balance of miles which got me a roundtrip for $352!!!  Now I can see my family and attend Wanderlust Hawaii.

Feb 22:  Thankful for my Friend Ruschelle who put me in touch with the Volunteer coordinator at Wanderlust.  We also shared an inspiring lunch planning and plotting our new business ventures.

Feb 23:  Grateful for my sweet husband Rich who woke up and did the grocery shopping while I slept in and then started a batch of Kalua pig in the instant pot…should be ready by dinner!

Feb 24: Grateful for a packed day of paying clients!

Feb 25:  Packed day round two.  So grateful for two new clients and everyone being flexible & wanting to book appointments before I leave!

Feb 26: Grateful for forgiveness, had to late cancel on my last appointment tonight & I’m hoping I’m forgiven.  ;)

Feb 27:  Long day of traveling.   Grateful for my okole pillow & my bro-in-law & nephew for picking me up after 12 hours of travel.

Feb 28:  Grateful to be home & surrounded by yogis on Oahu’s north shore.  Om Shanti.  Then onolicious Hawaiian food for dinner.


March 1:  Amazing day of SUP in the bay I used to live in! & then lots of yoga.

SUP headstand


Mar 2: Last day at Wanderlust.  Lots of aloha, yoga and sun.  Some rain too.  Grateful for my bro-in-laws family for hosting me at the Wanderland campsite.  Fun times around the campfire and some closing day Campsite Asana.




Mar 3:  Grateful to celebrate our 6th year wedding anniversary, sad that we aren’t together, but happy for the day.  Grateful that I was able to sleep in, take my mom’s dog for a walk on a low tide Ka’a’awa beach.  Grateful to find a Crossfit box to do 14.1.  Great day!

Mar 4:  Wow, last full day in Hawaii and so much to be grateful for! Started the day off with a run on the beach with Lily, my mom’s dog.  Then met my dear old friend Birdshit (as I have affectionally called her for over 20 years) and her cute little mini me # 3!!  image  Then in Waikiki I rented a SUP and tried surfing some waves.  I quickly found that I couldn’t control the board enough to not run over the 500 tourists so I just went out past the break and enjoyed paddling around.  imageNo tourist in this pic which was taken out on the North shore…not in Waikiki.  Then I got hungry so I rented a bike at Hawaiian Style Rentals and rode up Kapahulu to Leonard’s for some malasadas.  Then I rode back down to Kaimana beach and hung out there until my friend got off work.  After a quick trip to her family compound in Kahala for a shower.  Finally we went to meet our friend at Doraku for Sushi and just like in high school I crashed at her place in town!  So wonderful to see old dear friends & so much to be grateful for on this trip home.

Mar 5:  Met Tutu and Glenna for breakfast in Kailua at Mokes Bread and Breakfast.  So grateful I was able to squeeze in a short visit with Tutu and see that she is doing so well.  image“Tutu”

Grateful also for Glenna and her care and love she gives to Tutu.  Grateful also that I was then able to get another beach walk and swim in with Lily before I got on the plane home.   image View from the car ride out to Ka’a’awa.

Mar 6:  Grateful for jet stream which made the flight home 2 hours shorter then the flight to Hawaii.  Also grateful for our black out curtains that allowed me to sleep when I got home.

Mar 7: Grateful for only 2 clients today!  Blogging and walking the dog.  Trying to sustain my good mood from Hawaii.

Mar 8:  Grateful to do 14.2 with my husband in our home box.  The second workout in this years cross fit open was over for me in 3 minutes.  I managed to do 2 sets of twenty 65 pound overhead squats and one set of chest-to-bar pull-ups.  So proud that I can actually do the open workouts this year!

Mar 9:  I am currently enrolled in a nutrition and health coaching class through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  Today I am grateful for my meeting with fellow IIN student Adrianna to complete another practice Health History.  Added another book to my wish list.IMG_5256

Mar 10:  Grateful for a late cancelation on my Busy Monday.  Gaave me time to do 14.2 again and increase my score by 5!!

Mar 11:  Grateful for Roxlyn’s BMC yoga class at World Yoga.  She is an amazing, knowledgeable and gifted instructor who is always so positive and loving.  I aspire to have an open heart like that in my teaching.  

Mar 12:  Grateful we got to see Kung Fu tonight at Signature Theater and then dinner with an amazing inspiring woman.  Thankful.


Mar 13: Grateful for an opportunity to voice our desires to turn our neighborhood into a community at out community meeting tonight…We felt heard.  Thank you.

Mar 14:  So grateful today for the help of my friend’s husband Peter, driving me all over Islip and Bayshore looking for the perfect spot to hold a SUP yoga class.  He also helped me get an answer on the possibility to have a class on Fire Island. Currently the answer is no.  But I’m not giving up yet!


Mar 15:  Grateful for the the four fellow students who made it to our study group today!  I love getting together and discussing our experience with the program.  Thank you.

Mar 16:  Grateful for a quiet day to recover from yesterdays Open work out 14.3 done.  Three down, two to go.  Prepping and packing for another travel week.

Mar 17:  Grateful for a full schedule right up until our flight.  Glad I could squeeze everyone in.  And grateful for the snow that was falling steadily as we arrived on the mountain to ski!!


Mar 18:  Beyond grateful to my husbands employer and our friends who have invited us to this winter wonderland.  Feeling so lucky and blessed this week.

Mar 19:  Half day of skiing and running errands, then dinner with the group.  Grateful for very little on my “to do” list.

Mar 20:  Grateful for the updates from Daisy’s host on her Dog Vacay.  We have used the same couple for our last three trips.  They have little dog Beta who is very similar to Daisy.  They run her and love her while we are away and we are so grateful!  I highly recommend the website.  We missed our little dog but had the house dogs to keep us company.


Mar 21:  Grateful for some time with a really great and patient ski instructor today.  She took away our poles and got me to lean forward, not back.  Fun day of learning.

Mar 22:  Last day of skiing.  Grateful for the patience of the expert skiers in our group who spent the day skiing at the slower pace (mine!).  I conquered some steep hills this trip.  Had so much fun.


Mar 23:  3.5 hour red eye flight wasn’t quite long enough.  Grateful for no traffic on Sunday from JFK, a fast taxi driver and black out shades.

Mar 24:  Long exhausting day back.  Grateful for doggy day care.  No time to walk the dog today.  Also grateful for my husband who helped me get out of bed & to the gym to complete 14.4 (the fourth workout of this years cross fit open).

Mar 25:  Grateful for late cancellations.  I’m back in NYC but my mind and bio clock are still in Utah.  I even skipped my favorite me time: yoga class, in favor of a nap!

Mar 26:  Grateful for long lunch break at home.

Mar 27:  Grateful for donuts today.  Yes I have had two this week and they were delicious.  Running on empty makes me eat donuts.

Mar 28:  Grateful for only one client today.  Spent the rest of the day spring cleaning our apartment.

Mar 29:  Grateful for my husband again, who kept me going to finish 14.5 (the fifth and final workout of the cross fit open).  It was by far the hardest workout I have ever done, at least it was up there with Murph.  I wanted to throw the towel in but I am so glad I didn’t.  Also grateful for our celebration dinner.  We were both able to complete all 5 workouts this year!  A huge improvement from last years open work outs.

Mar 30:  My legs!  Every movement hurts them and basically most of my body aches.  I’m so glad the open is over.  Grateful for a slow paced Sunday and lots of down time.

April 20: Happy Easter!  I am grateful that the past 20 days has been so busy I haven’t had time to blog.  Busy with work…thank you!  Busy with life…welcomed niece Mckenna Puakeaokalani Stone into the world.  Celebrated with friends at their baby shower for twins!  Diversified my workout routine, some good, some not so good ways.  And lots of cooking!  Hope to get back to adding recipes and gratefulness journaling over the next few months as I lighten my work load.  So grateful for the spring sun and flowers that have arrived.  Hoping the temperatures soon match their springiness.

IMG_5420 My niece MckennaIMG_5422Mckenna & EkahiIMG_5391Precious newborn Mckenna

IMG_5403 Blue skies in NYC.  Cloud art in central park.

April 21:  Grateful for the constant ebb and flow of clients.  Some down time is greatly appreciated and inevitably followed by crazy-chicken-without-my-head busy days.

April 26: Grateful for Colleen and her camera, working with me twice this week taking some more great photos that will soon be appearing here.

April 27: Grateful my husband dragged me to Crossfit today even though it prompted a rant on this blog.

April 28: Grateful for a busy day of work but looking forward to a less hectic schedule.

April 29:  Grateful for a clean apartment!

April 30:  Grateful that April is over.  Looking forward to warmer months to come.

May 1:  Spoke to soon…monsoon today.   Grateful for waterproof rain gear.

May 2:  Grateful for the beginning of a new project with my friends…and our celebratory lunch.

May 3:  Grateful for a short weekend trip to FireIsland to prepare the sailboats for another great season of sailing.  Beautiful sunshine all day for all of the volunteer workers and a happy hour with a beautiful sunset.

 FI sunset Atlantique, FI

May 4:  Waking up with the sea air is a wonderful way to start the day.  Grateful this quiet little piece of heaven exists for the occasional escape from city life.

May 5: Grateful that Avocados are on the safe list because I don’t have any ripe avocados for our Cinco de Mayo taco salad!  Luckily I live above a Chipotle, so guacamole easily acquired.

May 6: Grateful that I spent so much time building this blog ( I knew nothing about WordPress and how to set up all social media for business a year ago).  Put that practice to good use this week!  Grateful also for yoga bliss.

May 7:  Grateful for long, slow walk with Daisy through busy busy midtown.  Grateful that I didn’t have to be anywhere and I wasn’t in a hurry.

May 8:  Grateful to resume Acupuncture.  I’ve missed it!

May 9:  Grateful for big break in my Friday to catch up on administrative stuff and make bone broth.

May 10:  Grateful for a Saturday at the pool.  Even a little deck time post rainstorm when the sun came out.

May 11:  Grateful for my mother today.  She is in Hawaii celebrating with my sister and her children, Tutu and Aunt Glenna.  Grateful to have all of those strong women in my life even so far away.

May 12:  Grateful for working subways and minimal traffic.  Smooth commuting should not be taken for granted.

May 13:  Yoga, thank goodness for yoga.  Namaste.

May 14:  So grateful for the opportunity to work with a team of really smart creative people.  Hope this project takes off!

May 15:  Grateful for my return to acupuncture.  She always makes me feel better and I can usually fall asleep on the table.  Double bonus!

May 16:Grateful for our Whispure 510 HEPA air filter.  An our vacuum and local honey.  Also my inhaler and Zaditor eye drops.  Haven’t yet figured out how to go totally pharma free during tree pollen season, but I am working on it.

May 17:  Grateful to be able to attend IIN live at Jazz at Lincoln Center this weekend.  Amazing energy and speakers are so inspiring.  Love Marie Forleo, even in her too tight dress.  Finished the day dinner on East River, Water Table boat.

IMG_5569 IMG_5568 IMG_5580

May 18:  Grateful for a second day and even more sharing from fellow students and alumni.  What an amazing community Institute of Integrative Nutrition has created.


May 19:  Grateful for my husband and his continuing commitment to take care of himself.  His “home-lunch”  was so cute today I had to take a pic.  Organic grassed beef stew, tomato cucumber salad, bone broth, radishes, blueberries and coconut water.


May 20:  Grateful for yoga today and dinner with a dear friend tonight.

May 21:  Grateful for acupuncture today.  Who knew I could get needled for seasonal allergies?

May 22:  Grateful for the loving kindness I am receiving and my call with my peer coach tonight.

May 23:  Grateful for my husband’s coworker who took the time to help me practice and refine a new skill.

May 24:  Grateful we were able to find a rental car for the weekend and it was under $250!  Amazing.  Also so grateful for my husband who went out to the stix to pick it up while I stayed home prepping.  Also  grateful for the fire you built, the lobster you cooked and cleaned and the oysters you shucked.  Xoxo


May 25:  So incredibly grateful to be able to come out to this beautiful spot and enjoy relaxing in a home away from home.  Thank you to G & V Silberberg!  ;)

R & D in watermill

May 26:  Grateful for my grandfathers and all the men and women who have served and protected us all.

May 27:  Grateful for the ease of which I was able to drive to my first clients this morning, grocery shop and then return the rental car.  Sometimes I miss having a car!

May 28:  Grateful for a full morning of paying clients!  And for a deadline.  Sometimes I need deadlines.  Makes me more productive.  Grateful for my inhaler.  Grateful for retail therapy.  I also used the dressing room mirrors to make a video on shoulder blade movement for my client.

May 29:  Grateful for some rain, took some of the pollen out of the air.  Grateful for acupuncture and cupping.  Felt better immediately.  Topped night off with dinner with Michael our cousin visiting from Australia.

May 30:  No inhaler today thanks to acupuncture and cupping yesterday.  Grateful for afternoon off to do admin maintenance and take a long bike ride with Daisy.

May 31:  Grateful for a weekend of no plans.  Staycation in a quiet NYC means lots of time to catch up on admin!

June 1:  Grateful that the circumstances and the universe lead me to take the Health coach and nutrition course with IIN.  I have completed half of the course work and can now start seeing clients!  I even have a certificate.

Mid-Certificate IIN

June 2:  Grateful for dear friends who I have known forever, through thick and thin.  I love all my Gemini friends and family.

Sarah and iemma and I

June 3:  Grateful to attend Facebook fit for small business owners in NYC.  I learned all about how to use social media to help grow my business.

June 5:  Grateful for doing a Health History that turned into a client today!  Excited.

June 6:  So grateful to be able to take a day off to prepare for a weekend at the beach!!

June 7:  Grateful for The AMC and their rustic little cabin in Atlantique and all of the sailors who have committed their time and energy to keep the sailing program out there running.  I love coming out o this little beach getaway.  I love the water and I love teaching adults how to sail.  Thankfully enough of us do, because we are all volunteers.


June 8:  Grateful for another great boarding experience for my dog through dogvacay.  Love their in home boarding.

June 9: Grateful for the long lasting lessons my grandmother taught me and all the years we had together in this lifetime.  Miss her.  Happy birthday Grandma!

June 10:  Grateful for the all strengths my husband has that I clearly do not.  We are yin and yang and usually we compliment each other.

June 11:  Grateful for being a part of a partnership that I hope one day will be something great…baby steps.  Also so grateful to have my first session with a new Health and nutrition client.

June 12:  Grateful for my dear clients who have been away for 8 months.  They are back and it was great to see them.  Don’t take people for granted!

June 13:  Grateful for all the preggo ladies in my life!  Beautiful creators of life.

June 14: Wow so grateful for a weekend of SUP teacher certification with Academy of Surf Instruction!  Amazing course and wonderful teacher.  Great host site at Downunder surf in Westport Connecticut.

June 15: Day two of SUP class.  Even better.  Falling on our paddles.  Also grateful for my fathers and grandfathers.  Happy Fathers day.

June 16:  Grateful for a Monday that didn’t suck.

June 17:  Grateful that circumstances have *allowed* me to be available for 4 hours so that I can get a 5 minute phone call from my doctor! *$%&*&^%$#!!!!!  Grateful for the answers he provided even though they weren’t what I wanted to hear.

June 18:  Grateful for my client who managed to squeeze me into his Just-moved-to-the-suburbs, two-kid schedule.

June 19:  Grateful for a short work week (summer!) this is the last day this week of work :)

June 20:  Grateful Rich took the day off and we are heading to the beach early with Daisy!!


June 21:  Yoga weekend on Fire Island= Bliss

June 22: Rented SUP, double happiness.  I love summer.

June 23:  Yay Monday clients.  Thank you for your dedication.

June 24: Last day of Roxlyn yoga for the summer.  Wonderful.

June 25:  Had to pick up rental car in Lynbrook, grateful to spend the rest of the day on Fire Island with my little buddy.


June 26:  Grateful for an afternoon free to catch up on admin and housework!

June 27:  Grateful for our summer getaways at my husbands cousins house!

IMG_5916 sunset view from pool

June 28:  Country living!  It is bittersweet this year because the house wis on the market, so each time we go out…maybe the last.  We do a lot of lounging around the pool, cooking and eating.

IMG_5910IMG_5912My husbands meat fest salad and my lobster salad.

June 29: Grateful for SUP yoga and an hour of paddling with Paddle diva.   I decided to get my own beautiful paddle which I tried unsuccessfully to hide from my husband (had to get it in the rental car home-no place to hide!).  It is so light and wonderful.

IMG_6008 my new Riviera paddle “the bump”

June 30: Happy for the right hormone levels…the adventure begins.

July 1:  So grateful to be able to try something new, even though it means staying in the city every weekend for the next month in July!!!

July 2: Grateful for a quick dip in the ocean today!  It was really windy but still a wonderful treat on this really really HOT week.

July 3:  Grateful for our loan interest loan that we use to pay off our high interest credit cards.  I want to be debt free!!

July 4:  Amazing fireworks show off of the Brooklyn bridge.  Truly the best I have ever seen. We even got a little bonus show on the bike ride home.IMG_5947  Someone was setting off mortars on 1st ave bet 26 and 28 streets.

July 5: Quiet weekend in the city, I actually like my neighborhood.  Everyone is away!

July 6:  Giving myself shots in the belly is not quite as bad as I though it was going to be.

July 7:  So grateful I picked up a flyer from Tracy Toon Spencer about her fertility support group.  Was able to join and it has made a world of difference.

July 8:  Grateful for my understanding and supportive clients!

July 9:  Work and acupuncture, followed by a sweet treat.   Can’t complain.

July 10:  Grateful that I am able to take it easy when I need to.  Grateful for inspiring calls.

July 11:  Grateful to make it to Tracy fertility yoga class today at World yoga.

July 12:  Grateful for my steadfast husband who always has his head on straight.  He helps me make tough decisions and to keep things in perspective.

July 13:  Grateful for the wonderful team at NYU.  Thank you.

July 14:  Grateful that I was able to get away to fire island with a dear old friend for an overnight.  It was wonderful to be at the ocean even in the fog!

IMG_5965 IMG_5960

July 15:  Grateful my client was willing and able to come to my gym tonight after my schlep home from the beach.

July 16:  My husband like to say he is my nutritionist.  I am always amazed that he learns and actively starts practicing things before I do!  His latest are intermittent fasting and growing his own sprouts.

IMG_5956 Rich’s sprout garden, in our Manhattan apartment

July 17:  Grateful for nice neighbors.  Hanging out on their patios with our dogs with our shoes in their mouths and under their chins.

IMG_5982 IMG_5983 IMG_5985

July 18:  Transfer day.  Positive thoughts.

July 19 & 20:  Another gloriously quiet weekend.  No lines at our favorite restaurants.  Lots of relaxing and laughter this weekend.

July 21:  Grateful my husband decided to keep me company today, he is being so wonderful. Also grateful for the group call last night and all the info.  Wonderful to be a part of a supportive community.

July 22:  Another rest day.  Back to work tomorrow, at least it will keep my mind off of the WAITING!